«IMSS Bienestar will grow from 80 to 200 hospitals»: AMLO

"IMSS Bienestar will grow from 80 to 200 hospitals": AMLO

During his tour of San Quintín, Baja California, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that IMSS Bienestar will go from 80 to 200 hospitals to strengthen and expand the public health system; and once the most difficult stage of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is over.

He stressed that during the pandemic crisis, not a single person was left without a hospital bed.

«Today I am announcing that, from 80 IMSS-Bienestar hospitals, we are going to reach 200 by the end of our government; it is to help the poorest people, so that they can be treated as they deserve, so that medical care is first class.

At the inauguration of the expansion of the San Quintín IMSS-Bienestar Rural Hospital, the federal president pointed out that this action is aimed at those who do not have social security and cannot afford to pay for private medical care:

«We are going to make all the hospitals that were equipped and that we are finishing – and many of them were used to treat COVID patients – part of the IMSS-Bienestar system,» he said.

He also said that the recently inaugurated hospital in San Quintín has high-tech equipment, and that he wants all 200 IMSS Bienestar hospitals to be part of the system:

«We are confirming that this hospital has very high-tech medical equipment, the most advanced there is in medicine. We also want the 200 hospitals to be like this, with all the specialities, with all the staff».

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